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welcome to dailybeaute. the daily graphic spam community of artdemuse  and sarisafari . this is the place where we share our passions in fandoms, interest, ships, etc. this community is for sharing our love, obsessions and moments we love. a community full of spamming graphics, kind of a tumblr version of livejournal!

you can now apply to be a poster here!  feel free to do so! we'd love to expand our community. 
some simple rules you might want to follow.
- don't copy, alter or any of the crap, it's low
- don't hotlink
- if you want to use something as a profile banner, etc. just ask first! we'll probably say yes, with credit
- commenting=love, naturally
- have fun!
- requests on fandoms, etc are always welcome! just ask us in a comment or a message
the makers in general.
for more, read here
SARISAFARI: girl, 19/ ARTDEMUSE: girl, 19/
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